"When a Place Called Miami Was Young, and Indistinguishable from Unbroken Everglades, All Around," Early 1900’s. (Part 1 of 2)



HERE is a rare photograph of two generations of a Seminole family taking their ease together upon the bank of the flowing south fork of a pristine Miami River. (The river might appear dirty, or cluttered with waste of some kind, but what you are seeing is clear water passing over the smaller “rapids.” The photographs more typically seen show the much steeper and more dramatic rapids of the north fork.)

In part for the very reason that these rapids were less pronounced, the south fork was the favored “gateway” used by the Seminole to and from the greater Everglades, when heading into town to trade, and when time came, once again gliding silently back into the mysterious realm from which they’d come.

Isn’t it a wonderful moment?

Thank you.

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