Visions of Future, Past: the Miami of 1912 Looks Forward.”

DARING foretell the future, even charting out a map, has got to be a daunting task under the best of circumstances. That would have never been more true than in the Miami of 1912, when a city celebrating its 16th year continued taking shape with dizzying speed. A downright respectable little town, seemingly intent only on its own becoming, was popping up irrepressibly and all around, in what had so shortly before been only wilderness, populated by a small handful of families.

In a special “Redland Edition” of the Miami Daily Metropolis newspaper (on its way to becoming the Miami Daily News) dated Nov. 2 of that year, a “Vision of the Future” was laid out for the benefit of posterity, such as us. The Redland lies about 40 miles south of Miami and is a peaceful and primarily agricultural kind of place. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s probably because, completely unlike Miami, it is not always “selling itself” exactly as if it stood in desperate need of still more people.

Whatever else might be said of the map, the sketching prophet correctly captured the growth spots not only of Coconut Grove and Miami, especially where its downtown was evolving, but also Key Biscayne and Miami Beach. It’s a fun little trip to an imagined world. (Note the cute train heading out to the docks, at Goulds.)


map miami 1925_02_e
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