Around Villa Vizcaya: Panoramic Views of Front Entrance, Garden Spot

When perusing the Photography Pages of the Skyscraper Forum  there’s no way of knowing what all one is likely to encounter.  If you enjoy architecture, or history, or take an interest in world cultures, or happen to be passionate about any one or more of the great cities around the globe, past, present, or future, there will be something there for you.

Last night I happened upon an intriguing “thread” (or sub-forum), titled Worldwide Scrollable Panoramas Collection.  As the name suggests, I found there some “navigable” 360 degree photographs that I found fascinating, capturing every detail above, below, and in all directions.   The sites were all over the globe.  A search for “Miami” yielded  several awesome panoramas: South Beach, both deco buildings and jetty, a marina, Biscayne Bay, La Ermita de la Caridad  Catholic Chapel by the Bay, sharing the grounds of LaSalle High School off South Miami Avenue.

Pano 2Above, below: other Images from the Miami area.

Pano 1

And, much to my delight, a couple great ones of the current focus of my historical obsession and journey into historical research, Villa Vizcaya.

I’ve not even yet read the instructions on navigation myself, but what I have learned is, don’t be surprised if you spend some time at a giddy angle  in the sky above, upside down!  Take it slow; once you’ve clicked on the image it starts doing its thing, and the panorama almost moves itself.  Two “basics” about the controls: they’re very responsive, so a little goes a long way.  Second, they operate backwards.  So if you want to pan upwards, move the cursor downwards, and the same gos for left and right.  You’ll see.

Some things are easier just plunging in.  Maybe that’s why I never read the damn directions on anything until it’s too late!

Hope you enjoy them, as I did.

Vizcaya Entrance in USA

No. 2: “The Niche:” That Unique Portal Between Gardens, Vizcaya,


Vizcaya The Niche in USA

Thank you.

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