Ruminations Upon the Passing of Another Sacred Day…


As another day slips deeper into its dream of twilight, and a weekend begins that is new in all of creation, never before having been seen or experienced in all of Time, and ours for the taking,

May we find ourselves open to the Magic that is all around, even its slightest touch. Because we forget, and the right touch at the right time can make all the difference, even keeping Hope alive.  May that magic– even if glimpsed only out of the corner of one eye– remind us that “now” is all that any of us ever really have, and the greatest possible gift.
Only “now,” where the angels live, do we take each breath, or touch/ be touched by those we love. May we be reminded of where our real treasure lies.

We stand in need of a miracle, or two. May that horizon be near, possibly even….

Enjoy your evening, and weekend.

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