Special Neighbors, Honored Guests.

Mission ART

FOR the last several weeks we’ve enjoyed hosting a truly fine family in our rental property next door here in the Shenandoah neighborhood, which we call “the Mission.” (Web log: http://welcometothemission.net/)  The family consists of two Mommies, Maria and Joni (pronounced JAH-nee) and their 16 month-old twins, Cosmo Gianni (the elder by a minute) and Vivian Fay.  They call L.A. home, but Maria is working on a movie being made here.

As far back as either can remember, long before the auspicious occasion of their meeting, both  Maria and Joni had  known deep within their hearts that one day they would become  mothers.  They shared that ancient, most intimate, and sacred longing, individually and then together, until that blessed day finally came.  Until it was time.

CRW_6716Maria ( L) and Joni, about an hour after the babies’ arrival.

And they believe that a family should be together, for any number of good and fun reasons, so here they are.  The Mission has truly become their “home away from home,” and in that we take some pride and pleasure.

Cosmo’s name is inspired by the “Cosmo’s Moon” scene in the great film Moonstruck.  Vivian’s is quite a propos, as it was our friend and neighbor Vivian from whom we bought the house what now seems light-years ago.  For the longest time, we called it “Vivian’s house.”

I wanted to share these photos taken by Joni (with a little of Paul’s Photoshop fun thrown in just for fun).  These kids are something special.

Here’s  Cosmo  having an experience out in the backyard.

And Vivian, solving some secret puzzle:

Last but not least, this pic of the babies in the back seat seemed to call for nothing less than full cinematic treatment:

(Click for close-up view, back arrow to return.)

Just wanted to share a gift.  Thank you.

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