On the Beach, Ocean Isle, NC: A Painting on Plywood Taking Shape.


Ocean Isle Dream Update“Real Time” Update, a bit further along.

HERE’s the view from the porch of my parent’s beach home, as of yesterday’s last light.  It’s done on a piece of plywood found in the garage downstairs.  North Carolina is my Mother’s home state, and this place on the ocean specifically her dream; it is she that can just be made out, casually daydreaming in the gazebo.

Meanwhile Alan is back home, holding down the fort(s), and looking after our boy Hoppers.  I miss them both terribly. As I flew up on Spirit, the ticket seems cheap at first but they charge HOW MUCH for WHAT? airline, we figured it would make sense to ship up my paints, brushes, etc.  And so it was done by Alan, packaged with greatest care, and a quality of tenderness I could not help but feel as love, even as I opened the box.

(All too often we miss completely that which is the only thing we long for, as it’s been so quietly and intentionally expressed in the details.  Of necessity, we all love, and express ourselves, in ways that are different and individual.  It might be true that we could all love more, but I suspect the challenge more immediate and worthy might be to love better, cashing in the weight of our expectations for greater openness, undertaking to miss no opportunity to recognize love for what it is, when- and wherever it may be offered. And to leave no doubt that it has been received, with gratitude. )

It is in that spirit exactly that I now pass along to you this image of a painting in progress, for your enjoyment.

Ocean Isle Dream

It’s not finished yet, but I hope soon will be.

Thank you

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7 Responses to On the Beach, Ocean Isle, NC: A Painting on Plywood Taking Shape.

  1. Ann Bussel says:

    Paul, I have been a fan of your paintings for many years. Your painting of the park in Coconut Grove hangs on my living room wall and brings a smile to my face daily. I think of all the Crocketts, and most especially of your beloved parents Anne and Jerry who have been friends of mine for well over half of a century. Ann Bussel

  2. Denise says:

    Beautiful as always

  3. debbie says:

    Thanks for thinking about me!!!!!! makes me long for home…..

  4. Carol says:

    Love you and your beautiful paintings too, Paul. The view of the ocean from NC brings me to my happy place.

  5. Katy Dimos says:

    Beautiful Paul. Hope you are having a restful time in NC. Love you…

  6. Phillip M Chuch says:

    Like your brushstrokes your actions are generous, sharing gifts that lift people’s spirits to a place of possibility. May you continue to render nature with the same selflessness that you demonstrate here for many years to come.

  7. Terri Mintz says:

    Hey Paul – sounds like you are doing well. I love your new painting – it’s gorgeous! Terri

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