Meet Eric and Katy

Photo by Deedra Ludwig

It was only a matter of time, and now seems as good as any. I need to introduce you to two of my very favorite people in the World, Eric Raits and Katy Dimos. Since our paths crossed about five years ago, our experience has become interwoven in the richest sort of way. It’s been quite a journey for them, and for me. I count their friendship high among the many blessings in my life, and they are definitely a whole long story that will be needful of telling. Another time, when the papers stacked on my desk are not threatening to topple and smother me!

I had the privilege of marrying them in November, and was led by one or the other insane notion to create this image for them around that time. Each image in the photo/ painting speaks of their personal experience, and to simple explain all of that would require its own posting. And will be done, in time:

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You MUST check out their web site about the Florida Everglades. They are passionate about one another, the Everglades, and photography (probably but not necessarily in that order!), and here it shows:

One striking fact about these two is that they each found true love for the first time, in one another, at the age of 60. And it’s as young and as fresh and as miraculous as any bond of the heart I’ve ever seen shared between two. So nobody give up hope!

Katy and Eric shot this photo, and no one else. Cool, huh?

“Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.”

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