Latest Work in Progress, and a Quietly Special Moment

This photo was taken Sunday afternoon out on Key Biscayne, where I am set up just before the third bridge, by U.M.’s Rosenstiel School of Marine Studies. It’s my second sitting, but the first was pretty much washed away by a heavy rain. (It’s my fault, I intentionally laid it down as I was hustling stuff back to the car to give it a “watercolor effect,” or just to see what would happen. But then the rain really came down! I was left with an excellent impression of what the painting had been… Live and learn!)

It is about as hot at this time in Miami as it ever gets. It is searing, as if the heat has piled up on itself for one summer month after another and finally reached a critical mass. But soon there will be blessed relief, first felt (quite subtly) as a lack of oppressiveness, and then, over the course of a few weeks, blessed relief. And then, finally, the most beautiful weather in the world. Sunny and cool, crisp and alive with subtropical color.

So yes, it is hot out there, but Wow! is it beautiful. I had to marvel at the way the Bay keeps on changing colors as the day passes. Truly amazing. I have always loved the Bay. It has been kind to us, and was an excellent companion while we were all growing up. It always gave, and never demanded.

You will have to imagine the sound of the palms, and the feel of the clouds reigning over the summer sky, and taste the salt breeze. But here is an image of the day:

Perhaps the most magical thing about this area is the Bear Cut mangrove forest, across the bridge on the left. I allowed myself a peaceful skinnydip in the cooling waters to (at least for the moment) put all the heat behind me. Here is a photo taken just after I’d pulled my shorts back on, to return to my car:

This is what I love about Bear Cut: it is within the urban bounds of the Miami area, and yet reflects nature’s harmony undisturbed. When I first caught a glimpse of the moon rising a shiver passed through me. I felt a part of something ancient, reassuring and yet imminently mysterious, vastly peaceful. An unknown multitude of native animals (the place was given its name by English sailors who saw black bear wandering upon the shore), and then the various native peoples, and others who had then followed, had all partaken in the same pageant. I could feel it.

I love such times, when your breath is taken away if only for a moment. You never know when they might be coming.

But wow! do we need them.

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