In Simple Celebration of Friendly People, Well Met.


Last night I received a short, wonderful email from my friend Niki that read in its entirety:

 Thought you’d enjoy this quote….

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” ~~Kahlil Gibran


Sunday Afternoon, Vizcaya

Sunday Afternoon, Vizcaya             2006

This one is dedicated to Leslie, a hotshot Boston architect, her remarkable son Tommy, and the woman who will become his bride on Sunday, here in Miami. Hard for me to believe, but it’s been four years since the afternoon our paths crossed at the very spot captured above.  Leslie and her son, visiting Miami to look at the U of M campus, had taken some leisure time to just relax and enjoy Vizcaya.  There they chanced to find me on my feet, easel before me, thoroughly engrossed in the birthing of the canvas you see above. 

So they walked up to have a look, we met, and in short order fell into an easy, comfortable conversation as I kept splashing away. They were both truly remarkable individuals, in different ways.  Something of an “odd pair:” you know, a loving, powerful mother and her gentle and gifted boy, just become a strong man. 

It was only a “little thing,” really, the whole event, but I am grateful that four years later Leslie and I remain in touch.  So that, for example, I  learn the good and great news that Tommy had found his “one,” and given a chance to say “Hey, I’m really glad we met, and I wish you guys all good things in your new life together, and as much Grace as you can stand.”

And true, this posting is but a small gesture, one small candle, perhaps.  Yet in this quiet moment in which I’ve yet to release the piece, when it is still mine alone, I pause to feel the reflected heat and small light of this candle most earnest.  Then, for some reason deeper than my understanding, I know that I have somehow been already blessed in the sharing.

Thank you.

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