I KNOW that You've Asked Yourself…

“Now, how did this happen?”

One day I don’t know what a “blog” is, thinking just “ugh, that’s an ugly word,” and in no time at all I’ve got three up and running. (For those of you who might not know, blog is a bastard-love child- sort of word, from “web” and “log.”) Such a regrettable contraction says (to me) in no uncertain terms, “I’m in too much of a damned hurry.”

My partner Alan and I have two homes up and online on the vacation rental market, through www.homeaway.com. So we found ourselves trying to really give prospective renters a more complete perspective on the places they are thinking about renting with their loved ones or friends to celebrate their vacations, because it is an important decision for them, and we feel we have something truly special to offer them.

So, at least there is a reason for this proliferation of web logs! In truth I am having a good time with the whole thing, and kind of fascinated with the potential of it all. Because a big part of why we are here, in the deeper sense, involves deeper and richer sharing, right?

There are different levels at work on this thing. Miami is my hometown and I can’t help but love it, though it sometimes drives me close to the edge! There is a magic here, and that’s what we seek to offer and deliver up to the travelers making their way down here.

And wow! are the dreamers, artists, authors, social workers, high school principals, healers-at-large, teachers, and God-knows-who-all, all coming! Only four or so months into the “business” we’ve had guests from all over the U.S.A. and several other points around the globe, including Ireland, Canada, France, and, most recently, Iceland. I can no longer doubt that each and every one of those making their way here are doing so for a reason. I mean, a deeper reason. Something of the soul.

Anyway, the first of the two properties is the one we call “the Mission” : http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p174127 Here is our web log:

And here’s the one for Lost Reef Cottage, online at
www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p173947 :


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