Happy Birthday, Marc!

July 17, 2008

Dear Marc:

Your birthday (tomorrow, I know, but tomorrow I’ll be bound for NY for my first getaway in WAY too long!) seems as auspicious an occasion as any to tell you that I am grateful to God that our paths have crossed, that with His grace they will continue to do so, and that a connection has been birthed between us for which I am abundantly grateful. It’s the small things that help hold us together sometimes. The little diamonds that come our way unexpectedly, sparkling with a light promising a way through the darkness. Promising a way.

Along the Way Paul Hampton Crockett 2003

I know there are many, many others that feel the same way about you, Marc, for your word is good, your step is light, your touch is kind, and through your eyes shines a light of compassion that has been fully earned through your long dark nights of the soul. Your simple presence annunciates redemption. I am so glad that you’re here. As I told you, I prayed and called out to you while you were in the netherworld of that long coma, that you come back to us. Maybe I was being selfish, but that is not always a bad thing.

I feel to share something with you, and it is through, not of me, if you know what I mean. Among all of my blessings one I count highest is this: I know people because I love them, and love is the singular key to every doorway that is real, and the birthing place of all Greater Possibility. And what I feel about you, Marc, and I mean all around you, is pure grace. I feel more than understand this, but do so strong and clear. I have learned to trust these things. No one has any idea of what you have really been through, the winters you have endured under glaring hot sun, the atmospheric pressure of feeling trapped in a dream from which there is no awakening, with nowhere to turn, or run.
At most, even those closest to your heart know only pieces, smaller or larger fragments of the great mosaic. But God knows the whole picture, even beyond any and all possible edges, and so do the angels.

I feel that you are well known in Heaven. Here on Earth, I sit before my computer pecking away at the keyboard and write an email. In Heaven, golden scrolls without end are even now and ever unfolding, in celebration of your being and becoming, because the All That Is would not, could not be, in your absence, and there are colors beautiful beyond imagination bursting and playing across vast vistas (to us yet unknown, but reminiscent of a really great fireworks show, or perhaps the Northern lights) because you are.
Although this is mysterious, it must be approached in the correct spirit. You are not separate or alone, ever. Your glory belongs to all, so you need not fear or shun it.

In the end we get to keep only that which we gift to others. I would so have you see how deeply it is in and of your nature to share. I would have you know that I take a very personal interest in celebrating your wealth.

Please, never forget that the Angels know how hard it is for us here. My struggles at times seem too much for me to bear, but that deeper truth always is, with a quite resonation sweet and gentle as wind chimes, at times cooling my fevered brow before I am aware. May compassion birth our passion, and guide us all home, despite our confusion.

Finally I must say, My God! It is so clear to me, the gift that you are, to many living and dead (and you might not know this, but if you let it in you can feel it, and therein lies a promise of peace). The world is a very different place, and better, because you have walked your days here.

And there will be many more to come. So enjoy your day!!



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