First, Some Art.


WHY not start with art?  I’m still refining this technological boondoggle, but click on the image below and you’ll be led… somewhere!  I’m still working on this one…so please pardon my existential dust  : )

Palm Song, Nocturne    P. Crockett

Hope you enjoy the view.  Nothing ever remains exactly the same, for better or worse, yet we tend to forget.

Words, words… what is one to do?  Please, just enjoy the pictures.  May they delight and refresh you.

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6 Responses to First, Some Art.

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  3. Terri Mintz says:

    Hey Paul

    I just saw your post on Elisa’s blog Channeling Erik. She is a friend of mine and had no idea you were one of her followers. Loved your post…and it’s weird because Elisa’s sister Teri is one of my very best friends and lives down the street from in CA, that’ s how I met her..and your sister Lisa – is one of my very best friends…so friends with both your sisters..and did not even know you knew each other…small world…I hope all is well with you! Terri

    • PHC says:

      Hey, Teri! Somehow it felt just right, that we have this connection. It is absolutely perfect. I have always felt you as light, and felt comfortable with you. Thanks for saying Hi, and touching me.

  4. Sharne says:

    Love your art work, just beautiful!

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