Finding Inspiration “Between the Lines.”

Says the caption:  In the rear of this beautiful wild growth/ There is an orange grove.”

Though some might yawn, or shrug their shoulders and think “So what?,” the words scrawled on this old card with such enthusiasm feel to me very like poetry, and bespeak that sense of almost breathless joy that can touch lightly down upon us, often when least expected but perhaps most needed, if we are able to keep our hearts, eyes, and ears open to a sense of the simply miraculous: in the world around us, within ourselves and in one another, in the daily living out of our lives.

Just look at you! In all the world, there is not one other exactly like you. You are the sole bearer of ancestral dreams that in a sense you were born for, and of which you too are a living part! There is never any shame in fighting a just battle, and some weariness and discouragement may be expected. We all suffer, have sleepless nights, wonder how it has all gone so terribly wrong. And we each of us undergo these torturous experiences together, alone.

Yet ever has it always been. To experience is to struggle and to grow and to learn, and is that not what we are here for? May each day be a truly new beginning for us all, because we have (against all odds) kept hope alive. Even just a bit, like a mustard seed. The difference between even one flickering tiny candle of light, and utter darkness, is bigger by far than the vast distance from the Earth to the Sun. Yet if you set your mind to it, you can find one small candle. Maybe left over from one year’s birthday cake.

Look! Just beyond that beautiful wild growth…there is an orange grove, there!”

Thank you.

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