Dateline: Miami Beach, Late ’50’s "Paul’s Safari Into Miami’s History"

“The Lucerne: Mid-Century Satanic,” late 1950’s


It is generally agreed that this distinctive example of the rare and diabolical sub-genre was situated at 4101 Collins Avenue in fabulous Miami Beach, but a lingering sense of confusion prevails about what might or might not have actually gone on there. Some of the more wild stories are almost certainly exaggerated, it is believed.

The multi-million dollar shimmering vision in crimson flung open its doors to great fanfare in 1955, an era in which it seemed self-evident that sufficient extravagance and fabulosity, immediately on the Ocean, all but guaranteed unending life to any such monument to hospitality and “the good life.” By 1960 the place was scarcely occupied and forcibly “put on the block” for sale in receivership. A new era had apparently dawned, in which those in the business quite frankly could not even understand what in the Hell their immediate predecessors might have been thinking.

So it goes.

Thank you.

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