Dateline: "A Special Message Sent to the Future by Mrs. Girard’s Second Grade Class at Riverside Elementary," Mar. 17, 1953. "Paul’s Safari Into Miami’s History"



MRS. GIRARD, for the life of her, could not begin to understand where on earth her kids might be even getting such fool notions. But then again, she was the sort to fret generally and with considerable gravitas, at the drop of a hat, about “the direction that the young people are taking today,” and had even, incredibly, turned down an actual invitation to see The Day the Earth Stood Still at the Paramount Theater, downtown!


Nonetheless, she humored them, finally worn down by their persistence on this nonsense! “All right, children,” she allowed, rolling her eyes in an extravagant manner, “you may ‘send a message into the future, if you must.’” “Excellent,” thought young Peter, nimbly winding into place the settings on the “thought projection chronometer” he had brilliantly engineered from an old alarm clock scavenged from his father’s garage workshop (which his friends Pete and Freddy called “Dr. Frankenstein’s la-BOR-a-tory!”), along with certain vital parts from his “Buck Rogers’ Space Gun” that had by then just about given its all for science. “Well, now, for Heaven’s sake, Children” snapped Mrs. Girard, “can’t you see the photographer’s waiting? There are other…” She droned on, but they tuned her out. They were on a mission!

And so, as of one mind, staring into the camera, they thought (hard), “Happy Thanksgiving, People of Miami, Florida, Planet Earth, of the Year Two-THOUSAND Fifteen!” (They’d just picked that year ’cause it sounded kind ‘a neat, plus Stephanie, who was Greek (and so would know), said “62” was a lucky number. “VERY lucky,” she intoned.)

And guess what? Mrs. Girard might never know it, but she had been dead, flat-out wrong!  Thanks, kids! Message received!

Thank you.

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