Dateline: "A Place in a Dream, I Once Saw: ‘Miami, Florida Skyline From Biscayne Bay,’" late 1920’s. "Paul’s Safari Into Miami’s History"



“I DON’T know,” he said, genuinely puzzled and scratching his head. He seemed unable to stop looking at the old card he’d found at the very back of a shelf in the old shop, long ago fallen from sight. Once he’d seen it, he’d had to make the requested quarter in payment. He couldn’t help but keep staring at the damned thing, thinking “it just seems so familiar.”

So he’d brought it home in a little brown bag, and pulled it out to show his (vaguely) curious girlfriend. “Kind of… but not really,” he tried to explain.. “You know what I mean?”

She nodded, then simply smiled and turned away He paused to breathe in the beauty of her, walking away, and was then back to the puzzle.


Thank you.

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