Coconut Palm Lullaby: First Painting of 2012

Around age nine, while walking through the countryside, he saw a tree filled with angels.

              –On William Blake,

LAST NIGHT, in a single sitting, my first painting of 2012 was born on wooden board.  So my personal “New Year” has now begun in earnest, and I will take this opportunity to extend heartfelt wishes for you and yours for good health and blessings uncountable, today and throughout this year and in those to come.

Alan has the garden illuminated so beautifully it seems (at night especially) an unearthly place, abounding with  quiet wonders that surprise and delight.  The other night I took the time to simply get away from the computer (!) and head outside to wander a bit, to be embraced by the thriving jungle garden and remember that overhead there is starlight. I sat for a while, and let my mind ramble, and became suddenly aware of a sound that had been there, all along. It was most gentle, and partook of ancient rhythms.

I heard the soft night breezes rustling through the palm fronds high above, pianissimo, as a harp loved by fingers. It was like music.

It did not care in the least whether any were there to listen, or not.  To my weary mind it sounded a lullaby, but just as likely it might have been part of some great timeless chorus of praise eternal, just because.  (In the same sense as our heartbeats.)  Who can say?

Whatever the case I heard it myself, and am fully content with the mystery.  And I am grateful.

I hope you enjoy the painting. Thank you.

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5 Responses to Coconut Palm Lullaby: First Painting of 2012

  1. lisa says:

    I enjoy both.. the painting and the beauty of the thought behind it.. hugs from me <3

  2. Leslie S says:

    I feel the angels, I hear the palm fronds brushing up against each other, I see the colors of the starlight above. Thank you for sharing, Paul.

  3. Harry Wingfield says:


  4. Arthur says:

    Love it, LOVE you.

  5. Terri Mintz says:

    Hi Paul – The painting is beautiful! Sounds like your having a great begining to 2012!

    I think I want to get on a plane, fly to Florida and sit in your backyard too!


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