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Special Neighbors, Honored Guests.

FOR the last several weeks we’ve enjoyed hosting a truly fine family in our rental property next door here in the Shenandoah neighborhood, which we call “the Mission.” (Web log:  The family consists of two Mommies, Maria and Joni … Continue reading

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In Commemoration of an Excellent Cat, and Friend.

WHEN I recently learned that my friend Michael had been forced to “put down” his feline companion of many years, LB, my heart was struck.  Cats have a most excellent way of knowing when either space/ privacy or comfort is … Continue reading

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A Work in Progress Unfolds.

  By a Bay Now Called “Biscayne”   P. Crockett    AND speaking of works in progress, here is a shot of my current studio, as configured by Alan in his infinitely creative restless spirit: Finally, I wanted to thank Meredith … Continue reading

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One Man’s Extraordinary Quest to Find "the Devil’s Punch Bowl," or Maybe a Piece of his Heart: Part 1

Or “Postcards Sent Along the Way, of a Journey of the Heart.” Grove Pioneer “Commodore” Ralph Munroe, most often behind the camera, here slakes his thirst with the cool, clean spring-fed waters of the “Devil’s Punch Bowl.” A widely-accomplished man … Continue reading

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Part 2: Gathering Clues in Pursuit of a Legend.

Punch Bowl, 1942 ALL RIGHT, so everybody and his brother had once known where the damn thing was. So why didn’t we? Beyond the “clues” to be found within these intriguing photos, there was even a map: No matter what … Continue reading

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Part 3: A Most Extraordinary Occurrence, & Journey’s End?

For the number of you that are undoubtedly perched on the very edge of your seats (or more likely, thinking, “What in the Hell is he writing about, again?”), you need wait no more. My quest was successful. I found … Continue reading

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We Love Our Mothers…

My Mom Because they choose the hardest and most blessed of paths They choose us   Because they give up so very much, in so many ways, to set upon that path, Yet see our births much more as sunrises … Continue reading

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My Latest Work-in-Progress

  HERE is the explosion of color that seems to have burst forth as of my first sitting, which was the evening of April 18: I’m not the type that generally categorizes my life with reference to dates on a … Continue reading

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A True Story, and a Tune.

As you might have noticed, it’s been a while since you’ve received a posting from my online journal.  Quite honestly I hope that you’ve noticed, so I will conveniently assume.  That works for me. I have certainly missed you. To … Continue reading

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In Simple Celebration of Friendly People, Well Met.

  Last night I received a short, wonderful email from my friend Niki that read in its entirety:  Thought you’d enjoy this quote…. “In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew … Continue reading

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