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Dream, Ocean Isle

Dream, Ocean Isle             Oil & Acrylic on Plywood          (For closer view, click twice.) The experience of each painting is very like a journey, of a kind measurable neither in distance nor in time.  And no matter the artist’s initial plans, … Continue reading

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At Home at the Easel

  Backyard, the Mission     P. Crockett Painting is always a journey.  It had better be; this one’s been a couple of years in the birthing!  Yesterday was one of those glorious days when Miami’s winter is fresh, when the smothering … Continue reading

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River of Light, New York City (Amsterdam Ave.)

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Coconut Palm Lullaby: First Painting of 2012

Around age nine, while walking through the countryside, he saw a tree filled with angels.               –On William Blake, LAST NIGHT, in a single sitting, my first painting of 2012 was born on wooden board.  So my personal “New … Continue reading

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First, Some Art.

  WHY not start with art?  I’m still refining this technological boondoggle, but click on the image below and you’ll be led… somewhere!  I’m still working on this one…so please pardon my existential dust  : ) Palm Song, Nocturne    P. … Continue reading

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“Awakening Into the Florida Dream” Chapter 3: A River Runs Through It.

Chapter 3 The Lay of the Land: the Mysterious Everglades   The natural lay of the land. South Florida, 1859. WELL beneath the abundance of colorful images and the frothy profusion of stereotypes that we tend to immediately recognize and … Continue reading

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"Stranahan Hammock": An Imagined Historical Landscape

Stranahan Hammock ____P. Crockett “WHEN one sets out to paint,” said Pablo Picasso, “he should have some idea of what he’s going to do, but only some idea.” I have always loved that idea, because in my experience, it guides … Continue reading

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Happy 80th, Dad (& Mom, Happy Day!)

  My parents, before they had actually met, at least in this lifetime. SOMETIMES a painting can be more than a painting.     Newlyweds, 1953. They are here pictured with my maternal grandmother Flora Frye Q’Quinn, one of the … Continue reading

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"A Land More Kind than Home"

  Miami River Rapids, 1907. I would like to share with you a work in progress that is special to me.  Some of you will recall that I have posted images of the painting in its earlier stages.  Yet certain … Continue reading

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