“By Request: My Mother on her Wedding Day."

A SPECIAL friend on Facebook asked about this photo, of which she caught a glimpse in last night’s post. Donna, it’s my Mama!


The picture captures a moment in Aug. 1953, as Miss Anne Howe O’Quinn, of Lillington, NC, is prepared to take as her betrothed Lt. Jerry B. Crockett, of Miami, FL, stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. Her name will become Mrs. Anne O’Q. Crockett. (Or, as was then the custom, “Mrs. Jerry B. Crockett.”)


Just last week, my Dad emailed a current pic of his beloved, captured by him with his iPad (!) as they “set the sun” together at their home on the N.C. beach (my Mom’s home state, and the truest home of her soul). According to personal tradition, she enjoys a split of champagne, and he a “dry” martini (hold the Vermouth, please) with olive, which in the end he always feeds to her.

My Dad said, without saying, “Paul, just look at how beautiful your Mother is!” And when I speak to Mom on the phone, I ask, “So, how’s my beautiful Mama?” “Oh, LORD, child,” she says, “aren’t YOU an unbelievably positive soul.” She laughs. “That Crockett….” she mutters, speaking of her husband of 62 years this coming August. She does not like the picture, one bit But that’s all right. “I know what I know,” I tell her.

I do loves my Mama. And yes, Dad, I agree with you, on this one.

Thank you.

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