At Home at the Easel


Backyard, the Mission     P. Crockett

Painting is always a journey.  It had better be; this one’s been a couple of years in the birthing!  Yesterday was one of those glorious days when Miami’s winter is fresh, when the smothering blanket of heat and humidity so much a part of our atmosphere is suddenly just… gone!

I won’t go on about the weather, with the entire Northeastern section of our country facing the imminent threat of an unparalleled weather event from Hell, involving hurricane winds from the tropics, a driving blizzard from Canada, and God knows what-all-else.  I will say that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers.

And simply offer up this work-in-progress, for the enjoyment of all.

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10 Responses to At Home at the Easel

  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful, makes us miss you all the more!

  2. ericmiami says:

    Someday, Paul, just like Van Gogh, you will be recognized as the brilliant treasure to humanity that you are.

  3. Toni Jane says:

    Beautiful! I love your work and miss you dearly!

  4. jerry anderson says:

    That backyard of yours is one of the holy places — “thin places” as the native people call them and your painting is so very inviting to all to come, rest and contemplate the magic therein. Kisses and blessings to the artist

  5. Camilo Delgado says:

    So good to hear from you, so many nice memories come to mind. Paint on, my dear, it cheers the world!

  6. Jordana says:

    Nice to see your creativity again.


  7. Skip says:

    My dear Paul:
    I was taking my 9 year old son Carter to bed and scrolling through my e-mails. Just as he was dozing off, he saw your latest creation in progress and said “that’s from Paul Hampton isn’t it”. For the short period of time they have spent with you, they adore you. And, I love you more.

  8. Lee Steiner says:

    It is so great to hear from you and know that you are happy and functional at your calling and love of accomplishment.

    I am always impressed with the artistry of your words as well as the magic of your
    brushes and paints on canvas.

    It continues to be my desire to acquire one of your artistic achievements . The next time I visit my daughter, I will try to get to Miami to see what you might part with and barter with you.

    Best wishes, Lee

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