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“A Place More Kind than Home.”

[The following is a popular favorite originally published on Jan. 31, 2011.] Miami River Rapids, 1907. I would like to share with you a work in progress that is special to me. Some of you will recall that I have … Continue reading

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A Little Time for Art? (Week 2)

“Anchor Panel,” AIDS Quilt 2000 (Detail) LAST WEEK I posted a painting on Facebook (below), in response to its recent campaign to make art more a part of the site, and of its experience. I liked the idea, and so … Continue reading

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Art as Prayer.

Katy Pays a Visit. KATY DIMOS RAITS has a special place in my heart. It only feels as if I’ve known her since birth. (For one thing, she was born first!) I had the great honor of marrying  her with … Continue reading

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Lost Cities

Road to Cocoanut Grove, 1910’s Stereopticon Image ALONG the way of one of our garage sale excursions a couple years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting noted Coconut Grove artist Carol Garvin at her wonderful home there. (Her work … Continue reading

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Dream, Ocean Isle

Dream, Ocean Isle             Oil & Acrylic on Plywood          (For closer view, click twice.) The experience of each painting is very like a journey, of a kind measurable neither in distance nor in time.  And no matter the artist’s initial plans, … Continue reading

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On the Beach, Ocean Isle, NC: A Painting on Plywood Taking Shape.

  “Real Time” Update, a bit further along. HERE’s the view from the porch of my parent’s beach home, as of yesterday’s last light.  It’s done on a piece of plywood found in the garage downstairs.  North Carolina is my … Continue reading

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DC’s Batman of 1959 Meets Thor?! On Thunder Gods and the Gift of Jack Kirby.

Lest the somewhat rambling exploration to follow lack any context whatsoever, I will briefly explain that the love for everything about comic books that in some ways defined my childhood between the ages of 12 and (about) 14, has mysteriously … Continue reading

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We Love Our Mothers…

My Mom Because they choose the hardest and most blessed of pathsThey choose us Because they give up so very much, in so many ways, to set upon that path,Yet see our births much more as sunrises than any kind … Continue reading

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At Home at the Easel

  Backyard, the Mission     P. Crockett Painting is always a journey.  It had better be; this one’s been a couple of years in the birthing!  Yesterday was one of those glorious days when Miami’s winter is fresh, when the smothering … Continue reading

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River of Light, New York City (Amsterdam Ave.)

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