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“Jade Vine,” a Work in Progress.

As of second sitting.  Below, the next. Jade Vine 40″ X 40″ As of 3/15/2009, Third Sitting I find myself in a bit of a race with the jade vine flowers. When it’s time to start dropping down in clusters … Continue reading

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Latest Work in Progress, Wet on the Easel, and a Poem

Jade Vine 40″ X 40″ Oil on Canvas First sitting Yesterday I painted like a madman, and it felt great. It was one of those sensationally beautiful Florida winter kind of days, sunny, crisp, and cool enough to wear a … Continue reading

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Just For Fun.

Up in Alan’s Tower, I God knows, for better or worse, there is nothing like the Internet. This morning I “stumbledupon” this link: and first thought “What the Hell?” I had rarely seen such a challenging jumble of apparent … Continue reading

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Give A Little Bit?

It is a rare thing indeed that you will see in this web log any kind of financial solicitations (I figure you can get that elsewhere!), but I will ask you now, with an open heart: can you help? Times … Continue reading

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A Visitor Came Yesterday, To Take Flight Forever

of all things under our blonder of blondest star the most mysterious (eliena,my dear) is this ­ how anyone so gay possibly could die — ee cummings, poem number 53 Am I glad for the title of my web log, … Continue reading

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Rebecca Hammann Writes Barack Obama

You have been telling people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered… Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and … Continue reading

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Great Quote, # 1

Jack Kerouac (Mar. 12, 1922 – Oct. 21, 1969), ever the outsider, author, spiritual seeker, explorer of the psyche, a true-blue American original. Definitely the first to write a novel of historic literary importance about a road trip. coined the … Continue reading

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  Wainwright Park III (Calm after the Storm)   P. Crockett In the wake of ferocious Hurricane Andrew, piles of broken branches and debris lay about Miami’s bayside Wainwright Park. Chaos, it seemed. But beauty remained. And if it was so … Continue reading

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Latest Painting, the Last of 2008.

Garden, Siesta Key P. Crockett 2008 (This one is dedicated to Jamie, and Lauren.) Done this weekend, during a visit with brother Whit and his wife (my friend) Samantha, and family in Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL. There was beauty everywhere. … Continue reading

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A Treasure Trove of Popular Culture.

  Technorati Tags: downloads,Ephemera,free mp3,fruit crate art,illustration,Maxfield Parrish,N.C. Wyeth,podecats,popular culture,Posters,Pulp,Walt Disney The Internet. Sigh. You’ve got to just love it, or hate it. Or both. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a site I just … Continue reading

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