And On the Eighth Day, She Rested (One Hopes!)


Patty’s Wall     Latest Mosaic Tile Installation by Daviea Davis of Pittsburgh, PA
For closer view, click twice, use sliding bar at bottom of screen to move image.

TODAY, in fact a few minutes ago, I was busily trying to step into my “lawyer” shoes (with this being a Monday and all), when I received an e-mail from my one-of-a-kind friend Daviea Davis, who has become (among many other things) a celebrated artist in glass mosaic in her native Pittsburgh, and far beyond.  She’s not quite on the Breakfast cereal boxes up there yet, but her work is in the airport, a number of other public places, private homes, and God-knows-where-all else.  She is making the world a more sensational place.

She also teaches the art, spreading her enthusiasm for its gifts, and has used it for healing, working with young people too close for comfort to the very edge of that vortex known as a “life of crime.”  (She has also confessed a tad of discomfort at the beginning, sitting in that room trying to pull off the whole teaching thing with the youths eying all those shards of sharp glass with an alarming level of interest.  But things worked out fine, and in  fact one of those very youths from an early class has since risen to the Governorship of Pennsylvania.*)

Anyway, her e-mail said: “This is a 24 foot by 4.5 foot glass on brick wall. It was created and completed in place over 8 long long days. I am sunburned, sore, and satisfied. ”

I just wanted to say “I’m proud of you, D,” and pass on your Light.

Thank you.

*Outrageous falsehood, but certainly interesting if true.

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