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The Internet. Sigh. You’ve got to just love it, or hate it. Or both.


A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a site I just had to share, the “Mother of all Online Image web sites” (at least that I’ve seen thus far): http://learning2share.blogspot.com/ Not just a mind-melting array of images, but mp3 downloads (I found a couple of really great free downloads of entire albums of “offbeat” Christmas music, for example, at http://bongobells.blogspot.com/– scroll down through the newer, also great posts until you hitbongobells reader’s compilation 2008 ), podcasts, and God-knows-what all.

I’ve labeled it a “treasure trove” because, quite frankly, I really have no idea what else to call it. This site is fantastic: the sort of tremendous, user-friendly, tool for either targeted research for one great and lofty purpose or the other, or for passing endless amounts of time with only the experience to show for it.

But an experience is what you will definitely have if you do pay a visit.

The site does provide fair warning…

Surf to these sites.
Glean the treasures within.
Wander to *their* links.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

▼ Never be productive again.▼

If you take a look, you’ll come across such categories as (among others):

Cover Galleries: Comics, Magazines, Paperbacks, Etc.; Music blogs, etc.; Comix & other graphix; Radio Links and Podcasts; Record Cover Galleries, etc.; Animation, Film, Etc.

Here follow just a few suggested links. But there are many, many more. Also a few images culled for your enjoyment.

Classic Golden Age Comic Book Cover Gallery

New Yorker Covers

Screenshot: http://www.coverbrowser.com/

scans – Vintage American Paperback covers

Charlie’s Angels


Lost in Space

The Worst Album Covers Ever Created?
(Above & below)

This one’s pure sex.

(Maxfield Parrish)

100 Years of Illustration (above, 2 below)


Lynn Buckham)

(N.C. Wyeth)


ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog

(above & below)

And still more:

MoOM: The Museum of Online Museums
Shorpy: the 100-Year-Old-Photo Blog

Have fun!

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