A Playful Glimpse of Miami, Florida as of 1898, From Artist Johnny Gruelle, 1933.

“Oh, BOY! A Cartoon History of Earliest Miami, in a Nutshell!”, 1898. “Paul’s Safari into Miami’s History”


HERE is a visual goldmine of playful Miami history, published in a special issue of the Miami Herald dated July 30, 1933.  According to caption, it’s “Drawn Especially for the Miami Herald’s 1933 Birthday Number by Johnny Gruelle, Famous Creator of the Raggedy Ann Books.”
It’s a wonderful piece of work and well worth a close look; there’s an awful lot of history in it! One able to relate the story of each name mentioned would have an excellent grasp the goings on of Miami’s earliest days, and the constellation of personalities that loomed large in it.
Gruelle, born and reared in Ohio, had taken up a happy home in Miami Beach by the 1930’s. His wealth and fame continued to grow, even during the Great Depression, as the result of the success of his famed “Raggedy Ann and Andy” series.
This is one of two panels by the artist published that day. The special edition is is delightfully punctuated by a number of personally embellished congratulatory notes from other comic strip artists of note, nationwide, including one Walt Disney of California, and his endearing Mickey Mouse.
Please enjoy it!
Thank you.
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