A Celebration and Commemoration

Garden by Moonlight 36″ X 60″ P. Crockett
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This one is for Denise and Jonathan. It is also for Priscilla, my dear cat of 16 years. Last night she didn’t come to eat (and she is always right there), and despite all efforts I cannot find her. Her spirit was fine, following me around the garden like some shy shadow, but her scrawny body must have finally given out on her. It was time; I have been spending “conscious time” with her for the last 2 or 3 weeks. She was a very, very good friend to me. She was mine and Scott’s, since she was the most little tiny furball, and she saw me through his passing. I never had to sleep alone.

And so, my dear Girl, I release your gentle heart into God’s great hands, and take heart that you have returned unto Heaven, your native home.

Goodbye, Baby, and Thank You for the gift of yourself. Your Daddy loves you.

Pris passing along kitty wisdom to our beloved Hoppers, who’s now a big and very fine boy.

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2 Responses to A Celebration and Commemoration

  1. anglo-franco says:

    Salut Paul.

    Sorry to read about your loss of Priscilla. I remember her well as she greeted our “french gang” when we returned from shopping. Francoise and I still mourn the loss of our young cat, Nigella.

    Take care. Francoise and I hope to see you sometime in the new year.


  2. Lizard Lee says:

    Ooooh, ki-utty.

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