A True Story, and a Tune.

As you might have noticed, it’s been a while since you’ve received a posting from my online
journal.  Quite honestly I hope that you’ve noticed, so I will conveniently assume.  That works for me.

I have certainly missed you.

To catch you up in a nutshell with my “so-called blogging life,” I’ve been busily engaged the last several weeks in trying to untangle a technological Gordian knot that took me by surprise and threw me for a loop, demanded a wholesale re-thinking of my options, and required what seemed to me prodigious labor to clean up the mess.  I have personally experienced the dreaded Horror of the Domain Name Snatchers!  (My domain name here, for example, was “growingintothemystery.com.”)

Retaining faint vestiges of innocence, I had not been aware that mechanized “bots” programmed with malicious intention are just waiting hungrily to “snatch up” domain names allowed to expire, even  for one minute, in the hope the domain’s owner may prove sufficiently desperate, reliant upon, or generally aggravated to force a purchase back of his/her own creation that is essentially blackmail.

The faceless, nameless BASTARDS! In one fell swoop, I learned that I’d lost this domain and that of two other blogs I’d created to explore the phenomena that are our vacation rental properties: the house next door we call “the Mission,” and “Lost Reef Cottage,” in our backyard.  I will spare you the agonizing detail, for you have done me no wrong justifying such treatment.  Long and short: this blog will now be found at http://growingintothemystery.net/, and the others at  http://lostreefcottage.net/ and http://welcometothemission.net/

There, I feel better.  Thanks for granting me my bitching time.  Now, we move on.

IF you’ve not yet heard of scribd.com, you will.  Its lofty vision is to open up to the masses free publication of (literally) whatever in a meaningful, vital forum, and the masses appear to be eagerly doing its share.  The site has been referred to as “the YouTube of the Written Word,” a comparison (for better or worse) with some merit.

Just for the Hell of it, I figured I’d play with posting here a chapter from my novel happening online, Death is an Impostor (http://deathisanimpostor.com/ ) as it currently appears on scribd in a “virtual book” format.  And not just any chapter, mind you–but one describing an encounter with a Lakota Sioux mystic, the adventures of the ever fabulous (longtime friend and sometime lover) Jeff Danese, and now even— for the first ten million visitors only– an unforgettable tune available for free download!  That’s right, music! (I tried to include grocery coupons, as well, but had no luck selling the idea. )

Please do take a look, and if you are so inclined, tell me what you think.  A couple of hints to help you more easily rise to the measure of this historic moment.  First, (1) see where it says “scroll” in the bottom left corner?  Click there and a dropdown menu will open.  Try”Book.”  Then, (2) choose the Fullscreen tab from up top, and no sooner than you can say “Gee Whiz, a Bona Fide Technological Miracle, Right Here on my Very Own Computer!!” you’ll be perusing a genuine virtual book. (Please pardon the oxymoron, but something in the very atmosphere of the cyber-realm tends to swing open wide the portal to every manner of madness, including abundant paradox.)  Then just use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to turn the pages.

[scribd id=44362117 key=key-o1jg4k15qc67exj2pq1 mode=list]

I am not unmindful that I may be getting a bit “techno” on some of you. If you find yourself frozen in front of your computer screen. trying without success to even imagine being interested in the whole idea, you get a free pass, here.

I understand.  All of this computer stuff I’ve had to learn, the small mountain of obnoxious detail involved “behind the scenes” in putting together (and then rebuilding) a simple blog, or five,  has been gained in trade for countless hours of my life.  These are my choices, I have reminded myself in the luxury of that small still moment in which I breathlessly pass the racing baton from my hands… into my own waiting hands, tensed and again ready to sprint.   At times I think to myself Paul, what are you? Nuts?!” I look behind, and no one’s chasing.  Yet I am off and running, again.

All of that being said, I have always seen the computer and everything it entails strictly as a means to an end.  It is that end–that hope for sharing the important or enjoyable in new, timely ways– that has a great deal to do with you.

You– whoever you might be, out there– are the reason I sit down to write, my steady incentive to give it my best shot.  It is my hope that you are there— or may come– that leads me forward. That keeps me “digging,” and sometimes when least expected bestows upon me for a time wings to soar.

Had you stopped today to think that you might be someone’s inspiration?  And not simply in an abstract sense?  Even someone whose face you might never see, or who might see yours? Yet so it is.

Thank you for being there.

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One Response to A True Story, and a Tune.


    Hi Paul,
    It was wonderful to hear from you today my friend. What a Blessing YOU ARE!
    Of ALL the DAYS I would receive this blessed MESSAGE iro your visitation to Thunder Cloud and the Precious Holy Words He would utter it’s so fitting TODAY!

    My Precious Mother was laid to Rest today at exactly this time (14:00hrs) 26/11/60

    Amazingly a JUBILEE (Freedom, Liberty & Blessings) has passed by (seems like a vapor) and especially when you’re a Spirit man, as this worlds “time zone” means nothing to you as We are looking IN from the OUTSIDE and not from IN to OUTSIDE as the “world” would term it “Don’t be in Subjection BUT ALWAYS be in Objection
    Jubilee as you know = 50Yrs

    I’v had a few Spiritual Encounters (Visitations) from my Mother. The most precious and memorable is that of a dream I had early (5:00am) one morning many years ago

    She appeared at the corner at the foot-end of my bouble bed. I got up to embrace her and said “Mummy” Halleluyah! you’re not “dead” but ALIVE and she shook her head up and down into my shoulder (I felt the imprint of her chin on my shoulder/neck for the next few days) Suddenly I woke up and noticed I was lying behind my wife and looked straight into the face of my watch, which read 5:00am.Then I heard footsteps of one walking from the corner of my side of the bed towards my wife, stopped and then continued to our youngest daughter (Mandy) and stopped at her cot next to our bed. Afterwards I heard the footsteps as they walked out of our room down the passage to the room where our eldest daughter (Michelle) and only son (Michael) were sleeping. The footsteps also stopped at each one’s bed like at ours.

    When Elaine (my wife) and I rose from bed approx 6am to get ready for our daily tasks and preparations of going into our seperate ways for the day, I said to Elaine that an amazing thing had happened and before I could tell her my experience with my “risen” mother (Christ said of Lazarus that he was sleeping and when the disciples didn’t understand he said directly “his dead” so they could understand, although HE had said to Mary & Martha ‘Believe Me “even if you had to die” which you can’t “you would LIVE for evermore, Amen! Elaine said to me that that morning at 5am (notice the time) she had heard footsteps walk and stop next to her and I, then proceeded to Mandy at the cot where she was sleeping in and then onto our other two childrens room (Michelle & Michael’s)

    It’s wonderful to have these experiences and share them with your LOVED ONES as they are meant to be shared so as to Bless one another and for us all to benefit (feed from one another – spiritually) and to be encouraged and believe in the RESURRECTION

    Greetings to all your friends and Paul tell me is your Mum still in this world or has she crossed over already. I don’t know if you remember me telling you she (your mum)was the split image of my mum and asked you for a photo of her, which you so kindly gave me.

    Cheers for now and many blessings to my friend of “Growing into the Mystery” kind

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